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Inksanity is Forever

Nestled in the heart of South Plainfield is where you will find a small but very kind, tattoo shop called Forever Ink. Forever Ink has been a part of South Plainfield’s community for almost seven years now. Giving back is one thing the Owner Paul Messina, loves to do. From Toys for Tots, Zombie Fest, clothing donations, donating to end animal abuse, just to name a few. Forever Ink’s main purpose is to create beautiful tattoo experiences for their customers. Each customer is greeted by friendly staff and is introduced to hand selected artists that will provide the customer with confidence, conversation and most importantly quality work.

Forever Ink also extends its services to piercing and body modification. The owner is a world record master piercer. With 25 plus years of experience Mr. Messina’s clientele has expanded to the point where many of his customers are parents getting their children’s ears pierced for the first time. Talk about happy customers! The smiles are priceless. Forever Ink is not just limited to tattoo’s and piercings, but also sells beautiful jewelry and clothing. So stop in, say hello, make some new friends and leave with beautiful Ink forever in your heart.

Forever Ink Tattoo & Body Piercings - Forever Inksanity - Tattoos & Body Piercings

Happy Customers

Forever Ink Tattoo & Body Piercings - Forever Inksanity - Tattoos & Body Piercings

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I’ve had my last 5 tattoos done by InkSanity and now Forever Ink. I would definitely recommend them. Very chill and welcoming too. Hector just did a portrait of my cat and fixed another tattoo for me today. He is an amazing artist. Love my tattoos!!

Malakai Messina is my hero, thank you so much for fixing my daughters ear piercing. I took her to Claries and they did a terrible job I called Inksanity and spoke to Malakai and asked if I could come in to have him take a look at it. I was at the shop within minutes. He agreed that it was terrible and fixed it for her on the spot. I’m so greatly appreciate what he did for her, as aparent you want everything to be perfect for your kids and I was stressing about it being uneven the whole weekend. I will definitely be going to Inksanity for any future piercing since he is a true expert and recommend anyone that is looking for a piercing to go to him as well.