FOREVER INK only uses top grade jewelry. We use titanium & gold, which is nickel free for both metals. If you are Hispanic, Indian, African-American, and even Caucasian at times, then you are highly susceptible to being allergic to the nickel content that is found in both surgical stainless steel & regular 316 stainless steel. Those two types of stainless steel can at times cause a negative reaction where you will notice a small pimple blister like formation next to the jewelry that, no matter what you do, continues to get bigger and bigger. That is the reaction to the nickel allergy. We do not use that type of jewelry here, which is why our piercings do cost more than other places. We care, which is why we use the best jewelry. Other places where you will pay $30 – $40 for a piercing are using stainless steel & you will regret that. If you suffer from that allergy right now, you can come into the studio and I will show you how to treat it, but we will need to change the jewelry to titanium or gold.

Service Price
Out-Of-House Piercing Removal $15+
Micro Dermal Anchor Removal $20
Earlobe $20 each
Ear Stretching $20
Cartilage (Helix / Outer Conch) $50
Triple Forward Helix $150
Tragus/Anti-Tragus $60
Rook/Snug/Daith $60
Inner Conch $60
Orbital $70
Industrial $65
Eyebrow $60-80
Bridge or Earl $50
Nostril $60-$125
Septum $65
Lip/Labret/Monroe/Medusa $60
Tongue $60
Frenulum (Tongue Web) $60
Smiley/Scrumper $60
Nipple (Single) $55
Nipples (Pair) $100-$150
Navel $60-$100
Surface Piercing $80+
Genital $100+
Microdermal Anchors $60+
Infant Ear Piercing $100-$150