We offer infant and child ear piercings DONE THE RIGHT WAY!!!

Whatever you do please do some research and do not take your loved ones to the mall to a piercing pagoda where you put your faith into someone who is not trained in the art of piercing. Those people are paid minimum wage And have no serious training on how to Pierce. I have over 27 years behind the needle and I am a certified MASTER PIERCER. Everything we use is brand new and in sterilized packages that I show you and explain to you the entire process before performing the piercings. I always ask if you have any questions before I do the piercing. I welcome any and all questions and I will answer them all. Please read our reviews and you will see there are several parents who definitely put their faith in me. You need to know where on the ear to Pierce to allow for The infants ear To accept The proper placement of the earing so that when they get older the earing will be in the dead center of their ear and not very low like it would be if you took them to the mall. I Pierce just a little high of where the center should be which allows for the earing to drop in the PERFECT place by the time they are 12 or 13 years of age. I am very good with children and I make the piercing very enjoyable because I know they are scared at times. Im extremely fast and accurate And I take pride in being the best. You can text message me for an appointment at 407-398-5646. Thank you very much.