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Please parents I beg you take a look at these pictures… Look how much pain these poor babies are going through with that disgusting gun. The gun does not require a body piercing license because it is not a pointed piercing instrument. It fires a blunt object through the tissue of a newborn babies ear causing irreparable damage, especially when it’s done crooked, and the parents have the Mall piercers redo it immediately and they get it crooked again. Same thing happens at the pediatricians office. Why would you put your child through this? This is child torture at its Absolute worst!!! You parents are the ones paying these morons to do this to your baby. If you continue to take your child to the mall or the pediatricians office after you see these pictures and do not heed my warning then may God have mercy on your soul.… Please pay attention to these words… 

Your newborn baby if it’s under one year old, it does not have a fully formed immune system yet so when they fire that disgusting earring through the babies soft tissue of the ear thinking that the gun has been cleaned because they wiped it with alcohol. That is absolutely a lie. Your baby could leave  with a terrible case of hepatitis. That could kill your child and could destroy their liver and give them a lifetime of pain. Please I beg you don’t do this. Bring your child to me. At the mall, they use cheap metal, gold, plated or silver plated jewelry. Most human beings have what they call a human nickel allergy, which is an allergy to silver and they use silver in these metals to make them polishable so they shine . It can and will Destroy your beautiful babies ears. I strictly. use Titanium T136/T146 jewelry on all of the piercings done at Forever Ink with no exceptions whatsoever!. My Titanium jewelry is Absolutely 100% nickel free. Your baby will heal beautifully. 

The gun does not allow for perfect placement at all. They will be off and crooked each and every time. My method is perfection!  100% pure perfection! 

Your babies ears will both be absolutely perfectly measured and pierced. I mark the ear a little bit high because the human ear continues to grow and shrink and grow and shrink our entire life even after death. It’s a parasitic appendage that grows on the nutrients of the body and long after you’re dead there are still nutrients that will make it grow. Just like your hair and your nails. I know that’s pretty gross but it’s the truth. I mark them in a special spot to where it’s a little bit high but as the child grows to the point of puberty around 12 or 13, they will be near perfect dead center.  Then by the time they turn into their late teenage years, they will be absolutely perfect and they will last them their entire life without any grandma slits or any of that. Do you want this done right? Bring your child to me. God bless.

We offer infant and child ear piercings DONE THE RIGHT WAY!!!

The right way is starting off with the correct jewelry which is Titanium T136/T146, which is 100% nickel free. Nickel is found in large amounts in stainless steel, surgical stainless steel and especially in gold. Nickel, which is also known as sterling silver will give you, your child, your babies terrible bumps are their ears that can turn into keloids most times. Those keloids and will deform the babies ear for the rest of its life. It’s called HUMAN NICKEL ALLERGY. Or if you’ve ever gotten a piercing before, and you got a bump on it that you have the nickel allergy which is simply an allergy against Sterling silver. Nickel silver is put in stainless steel to make it polishable and so that it shines good just like it does to Gold. That shine will cause you problems every time. Please understand that your infant child if under a year old. Their immune system is not fully formed yet so if you take them to the mall and they use that dirty gun on them and an infection appears I am sorry but that infection can very possibly and absolutely injure your child for life. Things like that never happen here. My medical knowledge is very vast. Your babies ears will be measured and marked absolutely with perfection. I do not settle for anything less than perfect.

Whatever you do please do some research and do not take your loving baby and little ones to the mall to a piercing pagoda or Claires where you put your faith into someone who is not trained in the art of piercing. Even the pediatricians office does not do these correct because they all use a gun and that gun fires a blunt object through your babies tissue of their ear, causing irreparable damage and Terrible Pain. I use a numbing cream and I pierce the baby by hand and I am very fast and very accurate. Your babies ears will be absolutely perfect and they will feel no pain at all from my numbing cream, which is very safe for the baby as well as young children and adults. Those people who think they call themselves Body piercers in the mall are paid minimum wage And have no serious training on how to Pierce. I have over 35 years behind the needle and I am a certified MASTER PIERCER. Everything we use is brand new and in sterilized packages that I show you and explain to you the entire process before performing the piercings. Every piece of jewelry that we use during the Piercing process is 100% Titanium T136/T146. We do not ever use stainless steel or surgical stainless steel and the gold we have is 100% nickel free. I always ask if you have any questions before I do the piercing. I welcome any and all questions and I will answer them all. Please read our reviews and you will see there are so many parents who definitely put their faith in me and are extremely happy with my service. You need to know where on the ear to Pierce to allow for The infants ear To accept The proper placement of the earing so that when they get older the earing will be in the dead center of their ear and not very low like it would be if you took them to the mall. Many people do not understand that a human ear is a parasitic appendage. It can grow your entire life, and it can also shrink making the piercing move quite a bit throughout the lifetime. The Ear continues to grow years after we are dead, so does your hair and so does your nails. Knowing where to mark that ear is the most important part of the process and I know where that Mark is 100% of the time. The piercing gun does not allow for perfect placement at all whatsoever. Please look at this photograph that was taken at the mall look how crooked the angle of the guns are in both of the piercers hands where they use that excuse… Let us pierce your baby at the same time so it doesn’t hurt. I can show you where those babies absolutely scream their guts out when the back of the earring gets stuck in the gun and they pull it away and tear the babies ear. You get what you pay for and if you go cheap, you will get cheap and your baby will suffer for the rest of their lives . I am worth the distance and I am definitely worth the money that I charge for perfection. I Pierce just a little high of where the center piercing should be which allows for the earing to drop in the PERFECT place by the time they are 12 or 13 years of age. I am very good with children and I make the piercing very enjoyable because I know they are scared at times. I consider myself very loving and caring and considerate of my little angels that come to me for the first piercings, which is why I always play Disney music! L O L World the world Im extremely fast and accurate And I take pride in being the best. You can text message me for an appointment at 407-398-5646. Thank you very much.